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intaglio etching

Artist Statement

Through my art I visually communicate the exposure, vulnerability, and despair that comes with being stripped of any extrinsic definitions or value. Facing the world without impedance allows for a existential critique of life. When boiled down to the very basic level of human existence, do differences matter? Are we not all on the same train headed to an unknown destination? These questions Persist in my life and as a result in my work. The works exist in psychological space that function as both a collective and individual critique, or inspection of the human condition and are representations of mortality, body/mind, life/death, thoughts/reality. These dualities are thematic occurrences that often refer to a yin/yang. For example, body and mind, they are different sides of the same coin, that are tied to the same ending, ultimately non-existence. After all, our bodies are just raw matter reorganized into something organic. We are made of stars and earth. We are a product of everything in and around of our environment and while our body withers away, our mind/consciousness is continually remaking itself. But when our body dies so does our consciousness. Coming to terms with this is important, and a significant part of my work. I have chosen to speak about these concepts relating to my own personal search for meaning of the human experience. Because I am not specifically talking about any given group or outside of myself, as I cannot comment on another beings personal experience objectively, I feel that each piece is a signature of my physical and mental presence, communicating on a basic level this overarching struggle that every living being must encounter.


© Victor Jimenez, 2014. Photo credit: Sarah Paetel.