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digital inkjet print


Dimensions: 17" x 11"

Artist Statement

In these modern times, we get caught up in the daily buzz of life and tend to focus on immediate events and the tangible world. In this time of science and fact, the world has lost its sense of mysticism and wonder. In this series of images I wanted to reintroduce deities of mythology from older civilizations into modern settings. I wanted to stay true to the traditional presentation of the various goddesses within the images, so I kept them in traditional dress and representation.

I wanted the entire process behind the creation of these pieces to also reflect the concept behind the images. The ground work for all three images started out using traditional mediums such as pencil and ink on paper, but after that it was scanned and worked on digitally. Traces of the original ground work can still be seen within the final images. I also treated the digital portion of the work with traditional skills, so I used a tablet to keep the presence of pen and brush work within the images even though it was being worked on digitally. I wanted the presence of texture created with hand working an image to remain in the final image.


© Sarah Marie Paetel, 2014.


illustration, digital, poster, fantasy, ink, photoshop