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paper, pins, string, and plastic on foam board


Dimensions: 66" x 42"

Artist Statement

The two pieces selected for this show each represent an aspect of God. The first one, titled Realm, is a drawing that depicts structure and order. The individual squares are singularly made from ink washes and pencil to represent us, humanity, in both our uniqueness and our similarities. This visual construct of humankind is then simultaneously subdivided and held together by the shape of the cross which represents God. My goal is to show how carefully and beautifully each of us was made, and, at the same time, how we were made to showcase our creator, God. The artwork is meant to speak of creation in terms of ownership, sovereignty, and dependency.

The second piece, titled The Lost and Found, magnifies a significant aspect of God that is not apparent in the first drawing... that of His tender love for us. In many ways this is a New Testament piece whereas Realm is more closely aligned with the Old Testament of the Bible. This paper construct has four civilization centers that make up and revolve around the cross, a shape which refers to Jesus. The upper right panel (the lowest or closest to the surface of the cross) represents 30 a.d. to 530 a.d. The second panel (clockwise from the first) represents 530 a.d. to 1030 a.d. The third 1030 a.d. to 1530 a.d. Finally the highest panel represents 1530 a.d. to 2030 a.d.... the here and the now and, more significantly, the last civilization panel. All of the paper planes represent us, humanity, each beautiful, unique, and meant to fly free and please it's maker. Those that are bound (in multiple ways) will never fly, never do what they were designed to do... fly free, and please their maker. The things of man will forever both attract them and bind them... unless they seek, find, and are freed by a better Master. The planes that are flying or learning to fly by recognizing Christ via the cross still show the scars of their bondage but now are free and have a future. This artwork, The Lost and Found, is meant to compel the viewer to reexamine Jesus Christ and the why of His life.


© Paul Gordon Nichols, 2014. Photo credit: Jim Cauthen.


Christian, spiritual, folded, flight, geometric, universe