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archival pigment print


Dimensions: 27.5" x 21.5"

This image is part of a larger work entitled You're Doing it Wrong.

Artist Statement

What I have concluded when someone is being introduced to a new environment is that he or she has a desire to be a part of something, as if there is this assumption to become a character or mimic an alternate personality. Sometimes this transformation is not even recognizable to the individual, but he or she continues to feel inclined to acquire behaviors or traits that are completely contrary to whom they are. What I convey here is the psychological intent of the subject's behavior through a satirical manner. This is not to be an either a negative or positive stereotype, but rather a criticism of an unintentional mockery of ethnicities or groups by the individual.

The decision to use exaggerated images is to indicate the lack of identity of the self and the unnecessary attention that he or she draws that is not always positive. Observing and experiencing first hand tedious and the most unnatural physical changes, I have expressed how ridiculous the idea of changing and actually witnessing that change by using ten subjects paired together of real situations. I used these specific props to metaphorically demonstrate the exaggeration and the extremity individuals will undergo to appear like the image of the ideal subject. In addition, these portraits are to show that ultimately the individual is making him or herself look like nothing more than a fool, and this attempt of blending in is making it apparent that the person could not have stood out any further.


© Keely Elizabeth Humphrey, 2014.


self-identity, individualism