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digital print on paper and found objects


Dimensions: 5 items; found objects: various dimensions; 4 prints: 30" x 20" each

Artist Statement

Throughout my life I have had many experiences that have played a part in shaping who I am today. The most abundant experiences I have had revolve around accidents and the pain that is the repercussion of those events. People react to pain differently. I react to pain through laughter and acceptance.

The work aligns itself with the relationship of balance and pain. Without proper balance, one will face many hardships that seem unrelated at first. One might over indulge with carbonated drinks, and wonder why their joints hurt a week later. One might sit on the couch for a few hours while a movie plays, and afterwards the back will scream in agony. To find this balance in life is to work towards a lifestyle that is healthy for the body and which restricts activity that further damages.

The chair represents the past damages that my body has undergone. You can see every bump and scrape and it forms a parallel between the seen and the unseen. The paper that the photos are printed on reflect my current state. I am at a standstill. The paper makes an effort to represent a three dimensional form, yet it cannot transcend its two dimensional surface. The wooden frames represent the future. It is the potential state in which I attempt to strive for: clean, well put together, and stable.


© Alyssa Celai Hautala, 2014.


joints, arthritis, inflammation, tendonitis, bone erosion, stability