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compressed charcoal and screen printing ink on manila file folders

Artist Statement

Applying visual language from bureaucratic paperwork that's specific to the U.S. Immigration application system. I wanted to work with aspects from green-cards currently issued. Specifically using numerical sequences intermixed with pars of personal information, arranged in a linear manner. In addition I also included a more graphic element of the green-card, such as the faint liberty spikes fading into the green card's background. The manila file format contributes to the idea of collected personal information. Specifically the collection and inspection of personal information by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services). The interest for this project stems from the idea of crossing a barrier that gives you lawful permanent residence in the application process. It's intended to represent an important mile stone in the course for the individual seeking stability. The culmination of time spent gathering information, seeking verifications, fees paid, and waiting for responses in order to continue the application.


© Mariana Gutierrez, 2014.


immigration reform, drawing, screen printing, bureaucracy