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acrylic on canvas


Dimensions: 24" x 48"

Artist Statement

This body of work is the result of a desire to find resolution between two very different academic areas of study, namely the fields of criminal justice and fine art. Specifically, I was interested in looking at the relationship between the two as it pertains to the public perception of law enforcement in the United States. To do this, I focused mostly on the differences of police officers that can be observed when examining dramatic productions and real life. The double paintings are intended to play off one another and to slightly exaggerate some of the differences, and I chose to focus on women in these works because I feel these differences are even more obvious when studying females. I am interested in the relationship between fiction and reality and have played with this in order to force the viewer to understand how opinions can be shaped and manipulated by visual media, whether this is in the form of fine art, performance art, television dramas or even news broadcasts. By understanding this relationship and the power it holds, the viewer should become more informed and aware of what is real and what is false within the world of criminal justice.


© Alyssa Michelle Cumpton, 2014. Photo credit: Jim Cauthen.


police, painting