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Artist Statement

Clay as a medium naturally lends itself to different processes, whether being hand built, wheel thrown, slab built, coil built, etc. Junctions is about combining these techniques through process, exploring form, texture, emotion, and self.

There are a combination of forms, wheel thrown and gravity bended tubes, coil built base, and pinched areas on the top, moving in an organic upward and outward direction. This is myself trying to build up everything I have learned over the past few years as a ceramic artist. I have only done one coil pot prior to this, mostly working in wheel thrown functional ware, so this large coil piece was a good challenge for me. It tested me, bringing out emotions from joy to disparity throughout the work. To me, this piece shows the raw emotions and energy that clay can have as it moves through space.

The texture was also a new thing for me, since I haven't done much carving in the past, or sculpting for that matter. The scrapes and holes contrasting the pinched coils show juxtaposition between the angsty marks and the more refined areas.


© Benjamin Tyler Claver, 2014.


ceramics, clay, carving, handmade, solid