Mind Games

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burlap, hemp, and stoneware


Dimensions: 3 items; various dimensions

Artist Statement

"Mind games" is a reflection of the hours childhood play with my best friends. Whether it was stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, Pokemon or Legos, we created worlds and scenarios in which our characters would fight, go on adventures and power up. Roles were chosen to be good, bad the strongest, or the most cunning. Playing characters ourselves or the toys we imposed our identity upon were representations of qualities each of us deemed admirable and exciting hours of play we acted out seemed almost as practice for real life with all of these adolescent experiences contributing to my life as the imaginative manchild I am today. Instead of action figures in an imaginative roles I play now are between real people and myself, scenarios of human interaction. No longer a "then I threw a flaming skull head at you" and more of the implication of actions in the real world with actual consequences. My imagination now plays out in arguments and retorts on interactions that could happen and hard conversations that I should have with close friends and family. In an attempt at holding on to those fond memories of time spent with some of my oldest friends, "Mind games" is a collection of handmade dolls used in the aid of imaginative play and creative practice. Giving back to my imagination in a way that allows me to once again make up a character and interact in a discourse that is less serious than that of the world around me.


© Collin Sinclair Calvin, 2014. Photo credit: Calvin Werry.


dolls, ceramic, sack, body