What is Genius?


What is Genius?



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Why does the recognition of genius matter? Are there patterns to the people and moments where genius is most evident? In this podcast, as well as in their upcoming Foundational Studies Program course, Jim Stockton and Riley Caldwell-O’Keefe tackle these questions and others like them. Challenging students to investigate genius and formulate opinions about what they find intellectually compelling can provide key building blocks for the entire learning process. Listen to the podcast and learn more about the Rationalist viewpoint of genius as a non-physical, supernatural entity, as well as the opposing philosophy espoused by the Empiricists, who look at genius as a heightened manifestation of the human physical senses.

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Jim Stockton is a lecturer of philosophy at Boise State University, and is a member of the Foundational Studies Program faculty. He teaches a wide variety of courses including medieval philosophy, aesthetics, Eastern philosophy, and inter-disciplinary courses on philosophy, literature, and film. He received his M.A. in philosophy from the University of Nevada Reno, and an M.A. in English from Boise State University.

Riley Caldwell-O’Keefe teaches introduction to theatre, theatre history, and upper-division special topics courses for the Department of Theatre Arts and the Gender Studies program at Boise State. Caldwell-O’Keefe is working with the Boise State Foundational Studies Program and co-teaching a UF100 course titled, “Genius.” She has received grant and fellowship funding, had her work featured in a number of publications, and presented at multiple professional conferences. She is also working on an LGBTQI oral history project which will be available through Boise State’s Albertsons Library Special Collections. Her areas of interest include United States military performance and national identity as well as gender, ethnic, and LGBTQ studies.

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What is Genius?