Risk vs. Reward?: The Truth About Vaccines


Risk vs. Reward?: The Truth About Vaccines



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Vaccines have had a profoundly positive impact on human health, but the practice of vaccination also has its detractors. In this podcast, Dr. Tinker explores the causes of the current loss of confidence in vaccine safety, and the impacts this loss has had on the incidence of disease. She also presents rationale regarding why vaccine research is needed and analyzes the pipeline for continued development of new and improved methods of immunization. Dr. Tinker examines the historical benefits of vaccines that have been used to fight smallpox, polio, rubella, and many other infectious diseases. Her current research regarding the search for a vaccine to fight staph infections is also chronicled.

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Dr. Juliette Tinker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Boise State University. She holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Iowa and was a post-Doctoral fellow at the University of Colorado. She serves a Chair of the Institutional Biosafety Committee and is a member of the Central District Health Immunization Advisory Board. Dr. Tinker has been at Boise State since 2005, and does research and writing on pathogenic bacteriology and vaccinology.

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Risk vs. Reward?: The Truth About Vaccines