The Power of Story


The Power of Story



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We all love a good story. But what is Story? In this podcast, Foundational Studies professor Clay Morgan answers that question and explores the background, evolution, and context of Story.
Are we born with Story instincts, in the way we have instincts for language? Is Story necessary for us to be truly human? Morgan proposes that Story simulates human life, inside the human mind, by engaging the senses, triggering emotions and creating awareness of consequence and meaning. Story is shared, experiential, chronological thinking. It is the most primal, the most powerful, and the most subtle system of logic, persuasion and communication. Story is how humans inhabit Time, how cultures and individuals remember, and how we plan and dream. Morgan shares his experience and insight in this podcast — by telling stories.

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Clay Morgan teaches English at Boise State, and is a charter member of the faculty in the Foundational Studies Program. He also runs Boise State’s The Story Initiative, and co-founded Story Story Night, the monthly storytelling evening in downtown Boise. Morgan has published seven books, including the novel Santiago and the Drinking Party, the young adult novel The Boy Who Spoke Dog, and NASA’s official history of Shuttle-Mir, which earned him NASA’s Public Service Medal, for “exceptional contributions to the mission of NASA.” He was the first writer to win the Idaho Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

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The Power of Story