The Work/Life Equation: A Moving Target


The Work/Life Equation: A Moving Target



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How do we balance our careers with other aspects of our lives? Is there an ideal balance, or is the equation mostly subjective? In this podcast, Dr. Stieha examines the evolution of the “work-life balance” dynamic, which entered our national dialog in the mid-1980s as people began to consider the implications for work encroaching on the time that had previously been dedicated to family and leisure. More recently, the idea of “balance” seems to have been abandoned in favor of exploring the variables that go into creating a personal work-life equation. This is a particularly compelling question to explore with students as they prepare for a career (or to re-career) in an increasingly global economy. This presentation offers a sample of the instructors’ Foundational Studies course as they look back a few decades and trace the factors that play into a work-life equation for the three generations currently in the workforce: Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials. The podcast also features a discussion of how media reflects the ways we look at the work-life equation.

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Dr. Vicki Stieha joined Boise State University in August 2011 as the Director of the Foundational Studies Program. Her background in higher education includes the design and administration of curriculum and programs to enhance students’ academic success. Dr. Stieha’s research interests include analyzing the reshaping of the undergraduate curriculum to meet the needs and challenges of today’s students. Recent publications include: “Disrupting Relationships: A Catalyst for Growth” (2011) and “Expectations and Experiences: The voice of a first-generation first-year college student and the question of student persistence” (2010).

Rebecca S. Robideaux is a Department of Communication instructor and also the Director of Communication 101 at Boise State University. Her research interests include nonverbal communication and its impact on relationships, both personal and professional. Robideaux is team-teaching the UF100 course “The Life/Work Equation” with Vicki Stieha in fall 2012.

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The Work/Life Equation: A Moving Target