What Good is a College Education?


What Good is a College Education?



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People have been pursuing higher education and advanced degrees for centuries, but why and to what end? In this podcast, Dr. Cox and Dr. Black investigate the history of higher education, from Socrates to the present day. They look at what has changed and how the educational process has evolved over the years. Using the fundamentals from their upcoming Foundational Studies Program course, they look at the balance between preparation for a specific career and the value of a broad-based curriculum. Also included—the role that technology plays in the changing face of higher education, and how to focus on what you can get out of a college education at least as much as the process of getting into a college environment.

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Stephanie Cox is a Lecturer in the English Department, where she teaches undergraduate writing courses. She has a B.A. and an M.A., both from Kansas State University.

Jennifer Black is a Lecturer in the English Department, where she teaches courses in Western Humanities, British Literature, and English Composition. She received her Ph.D. from Boston University and has an M.A. and a B.A. from Brigham Young University.

In recent years, Steph and Jen have been part of a collaboration to study and improve the teaching of writing in online environments. They have co-presented at the Conference for College Composition and Communication, the Computers and Writing conference, and the National Council for Teachers of English conference. Steph and Jen are team-teaching the UF100 course “What is the Value of Education?” – both the face-to-face and online versions – in Fall 2012.

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What Good is a College Education?