Exposing the Truth about Gender Inequality

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2017

Faculty Sponsor

Kim Carter-Cram


Our project focuses on idioms (derogatory comments that are gender based i.e. ‘she’s a ball buster’, ‘don’t be a pussy’, & ‘throw like a girl’) that we come across in both the real world and in the media. The first part of our project involves going out into our community, we will set up shop at Rediscovered Books in Boise on March 11th to showcase our project. One of our group members will wear a bathing suit showing the female body in as close to the natural form as possible. Anyone that comes by will be encouraged to write idioms about women on her body. Not long ago a woman did something like this at the farmers market in Boise and got a great response which is what we are hoping for with our project. The point of the experiment is to see what idioms the public comes up with to represent women and then to inform an audience about how these idioms affect women in our society. During this exercise we will record our interactions with whatever crowd we get. We will then create a video documenting our findings, including footage. We will then present the video at your event.

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