English Versus Dutch Utilization in the Netherlands

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2017

Faculty Sponsor

Gail Shuck


Our research topic is exploring English as a world language and specifically how it is being treated as a preferential language in the Netherlands. To find the answer to this question we will be asking several sub-questions including: why English became popular in the Netherlands even when they already had a shared language, how Dutch is being maintained in the Netherlands when English has played an important role in the society, and when English is being used in education and social contexts in the Netherlands. We will explore how the Netherlands has incorporated English into their society - which is different than many other countries because they were never colonized - and the ease that a common language would allow in working, living and communication in a global context. Considering trade and other global interactions, the Netherlands, like many nations, chose to embrace the English language as a language equal, if not higher, in prestige to their own. We will present on the topic of how Dutch is a higher prestige language than English in certain contexts and vice versa.

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