Sending Soccer to Spain: Boise State Women’s Soccer

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2017

Faculty Sponsor

Laurel Traynowicz


The women’s soccer team at Boise State is hardly recognized by the University. Although Boise State soccer is a Division I team, their soccer complex is located off campus, games are announced via social media, and their marketing on campus is nonexistent. Due to the lack of marketing and institutional support for women’s soccer, their games rarely gain new fans outside of players’ family or friends. Because of the lack of support and shortage of fans, the team itself must raise money to go on trips that teach the players about soccer. During the 2016 season, coaches and players engaged in raising money to pay for a trip to Spain so they could train and learn about the Basque culture. While the Boise State Athletics marketing team helped raise money for the trip, they were not raising sufficient funds before the deadline of their PonyUp Campaign. The current study examined marketing of Boise State’s soccer team at the Boas Soccer Complex during the 2016 season. Observations were made at the soccer games, and the research team met face-to-face with marketing staff to gain insight on how marketing promoted fundraising for the team’s trip to Spain. Results indicated that marketing efforts were limited to brief announcements at games, and the online PonyUp campaign. After many emails, countless runarounds and several meetings, the research team gained marketing’s permission to assist with fundraising for the trip to Spain. The research team’s efforts resulted in an additional boost to the soccer team’s marketing, and an additional $1,080 for the soccer team’s trip to Spain.

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