Do You Have What it Takes: Defining a “true fan” of Boise State Bronco Football /

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2017

Faculty Sponsor

Laurel Traynowicz


Every sport has a fan base from recreational to professional leagues. These fans come in all types; the occasional onlooker to the sports enthusiast all the way to the die hard, true blue (no pun intended) fan for life. The latter is who we wanted to get to know. Who are you? Where do you come from? What makes you a true BSU football fan? The current study surveyed fans with questions ranging from their relationship with BSU football to game time rituals. Over 1500 fans responded in person and online during and immediately following four home football games of the 2016 season. The results found that one of the biggest factors that fans considered a sign of their loyalty was owning and/or wearing Boise State merchandise. Many of these same fans also named BYU as Boise State’s biggest rival. The study even documented that the Boise State fandom reaches all across the world to Germany. On the downside of the results were that a large number of fans prefer to watch games on television from home. Recommendations for filling the stands for future home games would be to allow alcohol sales in the stadium. Another crowd draw would be to install a decibel meter. This would engage the crowd by measuring the volume of their cheers showing them that their support efforts in the stands really means a lot to the players on the field.

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