Where Is The Love? Women’s Basketball Lack of Student Support /

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2017

Faculty Sponsor

Laurel Traynowicz


The Boise State Women’s Basketball team lacks support and fans at home games despite their winning records over the past several years. The student section is often empty, leaving the athletes to play for a smattering of fans and spectators spread out throughout Taco Bell Arena. This research project’s purpose was to increase student awareness of the Women’s Basketball program. In order to get student to the games, we focused on advertising through social media. We also created and aired a commercial promoting the team’s first home game. Students completed 101 surveys that provided insight into why women’s basketball games are so under-attended. The major results included that 47% of students plan on attending women’s basketball games this season, 19% of students do not plan on attending any games, and 34% of students might attend. In addition, more students would be willing to attend the women’s basketball games if they knew when the games were scheduled. Students reported that the biggest difference between men’s and women’s basketball was the missing “wow” factor (such as excitement of dunks) that occurred at men’s basketball games. Student input provided insight regarding how to increase support for the women’s basketball team in the future.

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