Racialized Bodies, Differential Experiences: Perceptions of Inclusivity among Latinx students at a predominantly-white Institution

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2017

Faculty Sponsor

Rosaura Conley-Estrada


This research seeks to document the obstacles Latinx students encounter in higher education, as well as understand the mechanisms Latinx students utilize in order to overcome those obstacles. The purpose is to identify aspects of campus culture which may negatively affect perceptions of inclusivity for Latinx students at predominantly white institutions. Research suggests that university campus culture at predominantly white institutions create additional obstacles for Latinx students. I hypothesize that exposure to a hostile campus climate through an array of racial microaggressions may negatively impact the educational experiences of Latinx students. Furthermore, this works aims to determine what ways the Trump presidency has altered perceptions of campus inclusivity for Latinx students. In-depth interviews will be conducted with 20-25 Latinx students of varying genders. Research findings will seek to advance knowledge of how to make college campuses inclusive for all students.

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