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Tara Penry


The purpose of this project is to produce a literary anthology from idealized conception through to publishable product. The class, under the guidance of Dr. Tara Penry, has selected, analyzed, and prepared articles for inclusion in this anthology, one which also seeks to give voice to underrepresented narratives in the United States during the literary period between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Within its pages, this anthology seeks to find “what it means to be American”; this class has focused on searching for and researching under-examined and under-voiced literary works from magazines and newspapers produced during this time. There are voices of support as well as those of dissent; all with different ideas, theories, and observations as to what “being American” and “Americanism” might have meant during this period in history. African-American, Native-American, Women’s Equality, and Minority Populations are only some of the narratives that are included in this specialized anthology.