Korean Speaking Contest

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2017

Faculty Sponsor

Yookyung Lee


A group of Korean 102 students present their communication ability through the speech contest as a podium presentation in the 2017 BSU Undergraduate Research Conference.

In this speech contest, each student will speak of any topic related to themselves for two minutes entirely in Korean. For their speech, students need to include the grammar patterns and vocabulary learned in Korean 102 as much as possible. Within the time limit, students need to give as much information as they can. Once each speech is done, judges will ask them a couple of questions. Students will be evaluated on their grammar, pronunciation and fluency, communicative strategies, comprehension, vocabulary and creativity.

In Korean 102 at BSU, the second semester of the non-heritage first-year series for learners from non-Korean ethnic groups, students learn and practice reading, speaking, listening and writing in Korean. This speech contest completes language projects and activities conducted during Korean 102. For the base of their speech, students will have completed their Korean writing project in which they need to fully utilize the grammar, vocabulary, and various Korean expressions to introduce themselves to others. The semester-long language exchange activities between Korean and English language partners are featured in this presentation.

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