Submissions from 2017

Neoliberal Motherhood in the University, Erika Abbott


Neuroendocrinology and Mental Health Consequences of War-Related Trauma: An Illustrative Review, Cierra Abellera

Family Matters: The Implications of Family Support on Multiracial Identity, Clarissa Abidog

National Opinions About Skills Psychology Graduates Should Possess, Rachel Aguilar

Take Things Invisible and Make Them Visible, Anne Albertson, Becky Lopez, Mike Roybal, and Cherie Ecret

Birth Order and Intelligence, Mackenzi Alsop

Deactivation of Varicella Zoster Virus Using Cold Atmospheric Plasma, Blaire Anderson, Desiree Self, and Tiffany Berntsen

Complicating Factors of English Usage in a Post-Colonial Context: A Linguistic Survey of Sri Lanka, Paige Ashmead and Galvin Olsen-Smith

Korean Speaking Contest, Carley Baeta, Cerose Cedoux, Anh Dang, Jenni Domanowski, Justan Gochanour, Kalli King, Genee Parker, Shantal Pinon, Sierra Renteria, Hikari Sasaki, and Madison Vosk

Broadened Diversity: How University Diversity Initiatives Promote a Culture of Racial Microaggressions /, Fructoso Basaldua

Racialized Bodies, Differential Experiences: Perceptions of Inclusivity among Latinx students at a predominantly-white Institution, Fructoso Basaldua

DNA Translocation Through Single Lysenin Channels, Philip Belzeski

Debridement of Biofilm By Cold-Atmospheric Plasma Within A Porcine Wound Model, Kate Benfield, Steven Saldivar, and Arianna Paules Aldrey

Enzymatic Analysis of New In Silico Derived Allosteric Inhibitors of Bacterial MTN, Kynna Bertagnolli and Steve Nick

Physical Activity and Coping Tactics in Undergraduate Students, Talegria Brown

Neoliberalism and the Gendered Paradox, Riley Buckles

Different Name, Different Game: Will Soccer in the United States Ever Equal Football’s Popularity in Europe?, Maicee Byrd, Kylee Wren, Daniel Park, Blaise Prokop, and Jovana Fitzgerald

Do You Have What it Takes: Defining a “true fan” of Boise State Bronco Football /, Sierra Caldara Echols, Raven Boyer, David Hirsch, Tyler Zacharisen, Jessica Richmond, Amy Boyle, Maddie Patsel, Peter Huguenin, and Shane Larson

Let's Talk Success, Jessica Campbell, Joseph Wayment, and Paige Ashmead

English Versus Dutch Utilization in the Netherlands, Kirby Carlson, Anh Dang, and Ellen Geary

Inhibition of Streptococcus uberis Invasion Into Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells by Contact with Purified Adhesion Molecule SuaM, Kristina Chapman


The Role of Development in Kabuki Syndrome: A Review, Joe Christianson

It's A Girl! A Guide to Your New Pink Tax, Paige Cirerol

How Racial Anxiety and the Construction of Diversity Impacts Student's Acceptance of Neoliberal Reform in Higher Education, Kalah Cole


Dystrophin-Glycoprotein Complex and Reactive Oxygen Species, Jennica Compton, Lynn Karriem, and AnnaGrace Blomquist

One-Way Ticket to the Upper Class: How Neoliberal Ideology Maintains Socioeconomic Divisions by Manipulating the Middle Class, Celeste Conrad

The Effects of Self-Esteem and Narcissism on Forgiveness, Katelyn Croswell

Student Fan Attendance at Boise State University Men’s Basketball Games, Brigitta Cumiskey, Chandler Hutchison, Nicole Criner, Zach Haney, and Jessica Huttash

Legacies of Colonialism: White Entitlement and Neoliberalism, Dalton Dagondon Tiegs

Neoliberalism on College Campuses and the Perpetuation of Class Warfare via Vocational Training, Hallie Decime

Using Dendrochronology to Measure Sitka Spruce ( Picea sitchensis) Reforestation in the Post-glacial and Isostatic Rebound Dominated Landscape of Southeast Alaska, Chris Denker

Educated privilege, cleansing white sins, Juniper Dulaney


Petrogenesis of Cinder Cones on Villarrica Volcano, Southern Chile, Jordan Engstrom

Revenge of the Nerds: Engineering Masculinity in the Neoliberal University, Colin Fenello

“Bestowing a Veil on Truth”: Melville’s Reading of Homer, Cyrus Garner, Marcus Blandford, and Kenzington Price

Analysis of Novel Inhibitors of Borrelia MTA/SAH Nucleosidases, Jesus Gonzalez, Tudor Firica, Amaia Mimenza, and Elias Lines


An Alternative to Divine Omniscience: John Milton’s Chaos and Night, Cydney Haines

Major League Experience in a Minor League Town: Gaining Sport Industry Insights Through Community Partnerships, Jen Hake, Sonnay Alvarez, Daniel Auelua, Nicole Criner, Brigitta Cumiskey, Jabril Frazier, Zach Haney, David Hirsch, Chandler Hutchison, Jessica Huttash, Kyle Mitsunaga, Maddi Osburn, Matt Pistone, Rathen Ricedorff, AJ Richardson, Kelly Richardson, Kaitlyn Sartori, Trent Thomas, Luke Tokunaga, Malcolm Velazquez, Cedrick Wilson, and Mike Young

Creating a Hockey Environment in a College Football Town, Jen Hake, Anika Colburn, Luke Tokunaga, Maddi Osburn, Kyle Mitsunaga, David McKinzie, Chandler Hutchison, David Hirsch, Ryan Wolpin, and Zach Haney


College Student Perceptions of the Romantic Relationships for People with Disabilities, Katie Hamilton

Factors Contributing to Laboratory Contamination in Forensic DNA Analysis, Makenna Hardy

Sending Soccer to Spain: Boise State Women’s Soccer, Taylor Hartung, Jen Hake, and Alli Rogers

Promoting an Essentialist Sexism, Karly Hensley

The “Old Way”: Sherman Alexie’s Modern Native American Warrior, Chrystyna Toneekia Hernandez

Review of Perception of Afterimages, Christopher Herrera, Bardha Vrapi, Matthew Barvo, and Cooper Lyons

Using Corpus Linguistics to Analyze Reporting Verbs in Literary Narratives, Laurel Hinds

STOP: Puck in Play - Does Hockey Game Etiquette Matter?, David Hirsch, Trent Thomas, and Luke Tokunaga

Dryland - Detritus Input and Removal Treatments (D-DIRT) SAGE: Relating Litter Inputs to Carbon Storage and Climate Change, Dylan Hixson

Resettlement Stress and Family Functioning in Refugees: An Illustrative Review, Anna Holdiman

Social Media: The Influence of Social Media on Body Image in Men, Anna Holdiman

General Education at Boise State and Around the Country, Daniel Hopkins, Eva Rodriguez, and Cerena Lee

The Women’s March and the Power of Demonstration, Matthew Housen, CJ Kaestner, Megan Parker, Amelia Kelly, and Rachel Budge

Rare Disease Review: Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalomyopathy (MNGIE), Courtney Isaacs

Short-Period Kepler Exoplanets, Samantha Johnson, Steven Kreyche, and Elisabeth Adams


What is an American? Anthology of the 1890s, Brennen Keen, Lindsey Fuit, Emily Allen, Mark Horton, Cydney Haines, Robert Schulkey, Laurel Hinds, and Chrystyna Hernandez

Blue-Green Algal Blooms in Brownlee Reservoir, Lola Klamm


Extracurriculars and Refugee Youth Adjustment in Schools: An Illustrative Review, Alex Knudson

Analyzing Variability in Exoplanetary Eclipses, Steven Kreyche and Jennifer Briggs


Zircon Exsolution from Rutile: Constraints on Ultra-High Temperature: Metamorphism of Lower Crustal Granulites, Travis Leach

Synthesis and Testing of Novel Bisbenzimidazole Inhibitors of Bacterial MTN, Christina Lee and Romaric Mukuna

The Role of the NOTCH-MKP-1 Signaling Pathway and Gamma-secretase in familial Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Holly Lind

Osteosarcoma: A Review of the Current Literature on the Genetic and Environmental Causes, and the Potential for New Treatment Findings, Daniel Luna

Born Blind in the Mind's Eye: Investigating Congenital Aphantasia, Cooper Lyons, Bardha Vrapi, Christopher Herrera, and Matt Barvo

Stress and Mental Health of Refugees- An Illustrative Review, Amber Mack

Who uses Social Networking Sites? Exploring Associations among personality, and the relationship with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Chantal Martinez


Examining Maternal Age and Aggressive Behavior in Children, Sinead Martin and Taylor Red Elk

Diluted Diversity: How Race Devoid Diversity Affects Neoliberal Higher Education, Christina Mendez

Refugees in American Schools; Examining English Language Learning of Adolescent Refugees, Desiree Midby

Exposing the Truth about Gender Inequality, Jasmine Mirajkar, Emily Nally, Brittany Mitko, and Kayla Crotz

The Interdependence of Professional Hockey Players and Their Fans, Kyle Mitsunaga

The Exclusivity, and the Struggle, and the Scary Masses: Students Embracing Privatization, Deborah Mullner

Application of Cold Atmospheric Plasma to Disrupt Biofilms on Medical Devices, Moriah Murray, Jen Finkbeiner, Alma Stosius, and Kylee Holdaway

How Education Level and Willingness to Learn Affect Older Adults in their use of Mobile Technology in Southwest Idaho, Kimberly Neagle


A Chemical Analysis of Apatite and Zircon Composition From Four Minnesotan Ordovician K-Bentonite Deposits, Jeff Novak

Blue Collar Masculinity, Tabitha Penny


Using SamplePoint to Determine Vegetation Percent Cover in a Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem, Silvia Perritte, Kate Carter-Cram, Matt Von Lintig, Luke Spaete, and Josh Enterkine

HSP Judges: A Template for Community Collaboration, Nathan Philipps, Nick Canfield, Melissa Derig, and Tim Johnson

To Pay, or Not to Pay . . . Student-athletes at Division 1 Universities, Matt Pistone, Mike Young, Maddi Osburn, Daniel Auelua, Rathen Ricedorff, and Jabril Frazier


You Don't Know Me: Discourse and the Identity of Cooks and Chefs, Brianna Pitcock

How Far Does Influence Go? Racialized Resistance and University Culture, Chandra Reyna

DICER1 Syndrome: A Comprehensive Review, Jake Robertson

Diversity in Neoliberalized Higher Education, Clifford Ross

In Vitro Cell Viability Effects of Doxorubicin Analogs in Uterine Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Rylee Samander

Organ Music in the Arena: Should Hockey Music Play to Benefactors or Court the Next Generation of fans?, Kaitlyn Sartori, Cedrick Wilson, A.J. Richardson, Malcolm Velazquez, and Sonnay Alvarez

Gender Analysis of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, Robert Schulkey

Examination of Novel MTN inhibitors as Antibiotics to Treat Lyme Borreliosis, Samuel Schwarz and Joe Green

Bait and Switch: How Diversity in Higher Education Promotes a Whitening Racial Orthodoxy Through Tokenism, Terrence Sharrer

Linguistic Features of Somali Chizigula, Samantha Showers and Madeleine Jewell

Saunders' Capable: A Child Overcoming Adult Reality, Justin Shumway

Effects of Cold Atmospheric Pressure (CAP) Plasma on Cell Adhesion to Graphene Scaffolds, Austin Snyder*, Jake Robertson*, Jenna Clingerman, and Bradley Grimm

Phase Transitions in Vanadium Dioxide Thin Film Heterostructures Studied by Raman Spectroscopy, Joseph Spinuzzi

Structural Interpretation of Geology Along a 100 km West-to-East Section of East-Central Idaho, Christopher Steuer

Depths of Crystallization Along the Gorda Ridge Based on Olivine-hosted Melt Inclusion Compositions, Valerie Strasser

From the Russian Revolution to Today: The Human Desire for Religious Freedom in Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago, Ashley Thompson

Nature’s Chemical Clues: Predicting Diet Quality Using Glucuronic Acid as a Biomarker, Joel Velasco

Just Another “Selfie” Help Book; Walt Whitman in the 21st Century, Jocelyn Wade

The Influence of Language Ideologies on Education in Trinidad and Tobago, Michael Wallingford and Autumn Ellis

Where Is The Love? Women’s Basketball Lack of Student Support /, Christina Washington, Daniel Auelua, Archie Lewis, and Cedrick Wilson

Men in the Kitchen, Elizabeth Wonacott, Jordan Marcione, and Abby Bittick