Language Use and Community on Social Media


Cody GoinFollow

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Student Presentation

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Casey Keck


Internet usage of language (e.g., on Facebook, Reddit, 4chan) has become an important means of communication, but research involving an analysis of large collections of internet-sourced text is limited. This project seeks to examine how the unique characteristics of internet language use create a register distinct from in-person conversation. This question will be examined through the use of a large collection of texts (currently 13,523 words) pulled from online discussions from sites with different rules, levels of anonymity, and communities. These texts will be analyzed using AntConc, a program designed for the analysis of large collections of text (corpora). Lists of the most frequently occurring words, lists of frequently co-occurring words, and other tools will be used to determine linguistic characteristics of this register. Although not complete, a preliminary analysis of the corpus shows the presence of vulgar words is in a positive correlation with the level of anonymity of the site. This project will be useful in characterizing a register of language that is widely used. It also may shed light on how anonymity and membership in online communities impacts language choice.

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