Using Corpus Linguistics Analysis to Write Like an Executive

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Student Presentation

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Casey Keck


Corpus linguistics is a fast growing field that bridges the gap between theory of language and quantitative data from authentic, naturally occurring language. While it is often used for Applied Linguistics research looking at second language acquisition, it can also be used to aide in technical writing such as ghostwriting.

While looking at the blog of Dee Ann Turner, the Vice President for Talent Selection at Chick-fil-A, I aim to determine key features and styles of her writing that could then be used to emulate her writing in the future. The study looks into Dee Ann’s twenty-seven blogs posts that total 16,581 words, with a focus on: (1) expressions used to discuss the future, (2) the use of mental verbs like "think" and "hope", and (3) the use of personal narrative to create and establish her ethos among her audience.

This presentation will show how corpus linguistics can be used in multiple disciplines outside the field of linguistics and how corpus linguistics can be used to study the structure of an author’s writing for future emulation.

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