The Colorful Language Use of the One Direction Fandom

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Student Presentation

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Casey Keck


In the field of corpus linguistics, little research has been completed regarding social media. Although breakthroughs have been made through the years concerning teaching-related and academic issues, the increasingly important role of social media in worldwide communication has not been closely analyzed.

This presentation puts into focus a corpus of 5 days of tweets from three Twitter users in the same fan base, the constantly buzzing fandom of the British boy band One Direction. This study investigates frequently used grammatical structures, vocabulary choices, and the shifts in language use that occur when an exciting event happens in the lives of one of One Direction’s band members.

By studying the communication between these active social media users, insight is provided into how and why many young people dedicate substantial energy to Twitter fan pages, putting into focus the role of this modern form of human connection in society today.

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