Promoting Professional Hockey to College Students

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Laurel Traynowicz


College students are one of the higher-targeted demographics within the world of sports (Marovits & Smith, 2007; Williams & Erickson, 2015). However, college students are often underrepresented at professional sport games (Traynowicz & Harrison, 2015). The current study assessed college students’ awareness of local professional hockey games, and sought to understand attendance/desire to attend games as well as what would motivate college students to go to these games. Survey research was undertaken of university students in a city with a professional hockey team in order to measure awareness, attendance and motivation to attend. Findings found a relationship between college students’ awareness of the semi-professional hockey team’s existence, knowledge of sponsors’ promotions, and motivating factors to attend hockey games. Implications were drawn regarding how to involve the local team franchise in efforts to encourage greater college student attendance at professional hockey games.

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