Medical Benefits of Nitric Oxide Plasma

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Ken Cornell


Chronic wounds afflict more than 5 million people in the U.S. They arise for a variety of reasons including poor blood flow, insufficient molecular signaling to sponsor would resolution, and infections or bioburden at the wound site. Research suggests that atmospheric cold plasma containing reactive oxygen and nitrogen species like nitric oxide (NO) can effectively improve healing rates of chronic wounds. Reactive oxygen-nitrogen species are known to have antimicrobial properties that assist with reducing infections and wounds. We have developed an atmospheric cold plasma generator that is capable of producing the reactive species nitric oxide a signaling molecule that promotes healing in chronic wounds. The device is being analyzed for its ability to affect Staphylococcus aureus biofilms, as a model for how it might exert antimicrobial effects in wounds. Our work aims to demonstrate that we can measure NO delivered to a biofilm and show that it has an antimicrobial effect. The results of our work will be useful for future development of a readily deployable medical device that can help improve the lives of millions of patients with chronic wounds.

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