The Relationship Between Self-Love, Narcissism, and Gender

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Mary Pritchard


The purpose of our study was to look at narcissism at the subclinical level in college students. The present study had two purposes. First, it evaluated whether the Self-Love Scale (Arylo, 2012) related to narcissism. It appears that self-love and narcissism are not the same constructs. Rather, self-love correlates positively with overt narcissism, yet negatively with covert narcissism. Second, we looked at how narcissistic characteristics manifest differently between genders. Using the HSNS to measure covert narcissism and NPI to measure overt narcissism, we have found (1) females score higher on the HSNS than males and (2) males score higher on the NPI than females.

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