Highlighting Research and Training in Mycology, Assessing Perceptions of the Local Community, and Offering Opportunities for Advancing Knowledge

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Merlin White


Often as mycologists we run into common misconceptions of the fungal world. As a developing Mycology Club at Boise State, our goal is to share our undergraduate experiences and to present macro and micro-fungi research efforts in which we have all engaged. We will showcase and discuss our studies and accomplishments, which include developing microscopic techniques and skills, isolating pure cultures of micro- and macro- fungi and slime molds, the culinary aspects of mycology, and participating in forays to collect, prepare, and properly document fungal specimens. By surveying the University community we can develop our knowledge of what the popular perceptions and misconceptions are surrounding Fungi, and provide a quantifiable and qualifiable presentation of these data. We hope this will serve as outreach and engage the community to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of our favorite subject. Fungi are such an important part of everyday life and deserve more of the limelight, in our opinion, and we hope to provide an engaging presentation that captures, and holds captive, the curiosity of the community.

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