Microwave Assisted Extraction of Glycoalkaloids from Idaho Potatoes and Potato Products

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Owen McDougal


Half of Idaho’s economy is generated through agriculture, with potatoes serving as a billion-dollar cash crop. Idaho potatoes thrive in the competitive global marketplace due in part to product quality attributable to desirable climate and soil growth conditions. However, behind the tubers sterling reputation is a strong connection to the Federal Marketing Agency that evaluates Idaho potatoes for phenotypically pleasing appearance and adherence to the highest standards of hazardous chemical analysis. Inherent to potato, tomato, eggplant, and other cash crops are chemicals produced by the plants that naturally ward off attack by bugs, microbes, and fungi. Among these naturally occurring chemical deterrents are glycoalkaloids, which may be harmful to humans at high levels in excess of 20 mg per 100 g of product. Here we present a rapid and efficient method to extract glycoalkaloids from raw potatoes and commercially available instant mashed potato products using microwave assisted extraction. This method could be implemented for potato growers and processors to rapidly monitor glycoalkaloid quantities in their products.

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