Recommendation for Boise State's Future Storm Water Management

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Scott Lowe


Using Boise State University’s (BSU) 30 year master plan as a guide, we analyze BSU’s future building plans and storm water management to determine if effective storm water mitigation will be implemented in future campus expansion efforts. In doing so, we make recommendations with regards to future acquisitions. Using data provided by storm water experts, we produce a GIS map of BSU’s proposed building changes. The map includes layers of Boise State’s ten-year plan, twenty-year plan, thirty-year plan, as well as storm drain outputs, inlet points, and direction of water flow. Our area of analysis is the south section of the campus, between Lincoln Street and Broadway Avenue, and Beacon and University Avenues. Our major recommendation is for BSU to implement green storm water infrastructure (GSI) instead of gray storm water infrastructure for future storm water management, as GSI is a more cost effective storm water management solution. We recommend the use of bioretention, tree systems (Silva cells), permeable pavers, and bioswales for storm water management.

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