Submissions from 2016

Advancing Our Understanding of Gut Fungi (Trichomycetes) Associated with Isopoda, Mathew Giesler, Sierra Hollar, and Michael McCormick

Agitated to Clean: How the Washing Machine Changed Life for the American Woman, Cassie Green (McNair Scholar, Honors)

Analysis of Twin Seamounts and Their Correlation to Proximal Lavas, Rebecca Berg

Analyzing Variability in Exoplanetary Eclipses, Jennifer Briggs, Steven Kreyche, and Karan Davis

A New Constraint on Late Jurassic Magmatism and Sedimentation in the Cooln Hollow Formation (Wallowa Terrane), Alyssa Chase

APA Goal #5 Professional Development: Assessment Outcomes for Sophomore and Senior Psychology Majors, Eric Barlow

Associations between the Mother-Child Relationship and Risky Behavior During Adolescence, Keshia Mendez Ornelas

Benchmarking Compound Computational Methods Against Methyl Nitrite, Keanan Cassidy

Boise Bee Project, Jerrad Nelson, Jamie Lynch, Courtnie Carter, and Jerrad Nelson

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Drought Effects on Colonization of Artemisia tridentata Seedlings by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Joel Velasco (McNair Scholar)

Bridging the Gap Between Melville and Shakespeare, Bridget Howley, Lisa Shanks, Lexy Smith, and Adam Brimhall

Broncos in the Outfield: Is there room for another Smurf Turf program at Boise State?, Rylie Walters

Brownfield Case Study, Amy Kent, Alex Mark, Max Duffy, and Evan Pierce

Can Elevation Predict Soil Texture?, Benjamin Bruck and Peter Youngblood

Can Spectroradiometry Be Used to Quantify Dietary Quality of a Mammalian Herbivore in the Sagebrush Steppe?, Ethan Slight

Chemical Shifts of Common Alcohols, Tyler Young

Child Parent Characteristics in Relation to Body Image, Katie McDaniel

College of Health Sciences Riverside Building Sustainability Report, Holly Catt, Holly Catt, James Pavelek, Tasha Smagula, and Joel Matheson

Computational Methods for Bullvalene, Kiyo Fujimoto

Corpus Linguistics Investigates Language Roles in Short Story Literature, Mindy Hubbard

Correctional Officers and Their Thoughts on Idaho's Prisons, Brittany Reichel

Daniel Defoe, Grifting Fact, Marcie Hatch and Tracy Bringhurst

Describing and Quantifying the Relative Abundance of the Ectoparasite Community in Golden Eagle Nests, Heidi Waterman


Determination of an Open/Closed Vent Volcanic System, Matthew Von Lintig

Determining Carbon Sequestration in Soil: Canopy and Intercanopy Zones of the Sagebrush Steppe at Reynolds Creek, Jennifer Butt and Alex Schweitzer

"Die Erforschung der Neugier durch Kontrast: Die Duailtät der Heldinnnen in Filmen aus der DDR" The Exploration of Curiosity Through Contrast: The Duality of the Heronie in Films out of East Germany, Patrick Phillips-LaNeve

Earth Week, Patrick Baker, Gina Sturiale, Sarah Boyd, Tyler Rahmann, and Patrick Baker

Eating Behaviors, Motivations for Exercise, and Attitudes About Weight Among Collegiate Athletes, Anna Holdiman and Mary Kate McGuire

Electrochemical Reduction and Kinetics Determination of Uranium, Matthew Lawson, Jon Scaggs, and Israel Shebley

Elements of Maternal Identity as Predictors of Maternal Gatekeeping Behaviors, Hailey Weatherby

Energy, Economy and Environment (E3), Tucker Feyder, Elissa Day, and Kit Woras

Estimating Streamshade Along the Boise River Using Remote Sensing, Rick Raymondi

Evaluating the Role of an Active-Site Methionine in Coenzyme Binding by Human Carbonyl Reductase, Sierra Etzler and Jessica Roberts

Experiences with Sexual Objectification, Morgan Harris

Exploring the Effects of Hydrogen Bonding on Hydrosulfide Desulfurization in Carbonic Anhydrase Using Synthetic Modeling Approach, Lillian Volz

Externalizing Symptoms of Depression in Men, Bardha Vrapi and Alex Blazek

Facile Colorimetric Detection of a Nucleic Acid Target via Catalytic Hairpin Assembly, Heather Weltner

Family Matters: The Implications of Family Support on Identity and Well-Being in Multiracial Adolescents, Clarissa Abidog (McNair Scholar)

Fingerprint Residue Oxidation Analysis, Christel Starry


Fostering Literary Connections Through Nonfiction Writing, Laurel Hinds

Four Pathways to Generosity: Evolutionary Differentially Affect Charitable Donations, Shane Scaggs and Delaney Glass


Frequently Used Phrases in China's National Newspaper., Randy Josleyn

From the Page to the Concert Hall, Rebecca Sears

Green Game Recycling, Jacob Cryer, Taylor West, Austin Valceschini, and Kevin Brizzi

Highlighting Research and Training in Mycology, Assessing Perceptions of the Local Community, and Offering Opportunities for Advancing Knowledge, Nathan Lively, Jessie Bell, Adrian Clifford, Kristen Flemmer, Joel Hiatt, Riley Johnson, and Michael McCormick

How Early Parent-Child Relationships Predict Social Competence, Chloe Baul


How Education Level and Willingness to Learn Affect Older Adults in their use of Mobile Technology in Southwest Idaho, Kimberly Neagle

How End-Rhyme and Diction Serve Sympathy in "The Weary Blues", Mindy Hubbard and Kathryn Lale


How Far Does Influence Go?: Racial ideology, Anti-racist Action, and University Culture, Chandra Reyna (McNair Scholar)

HSP Judges: Culture and History in Comestor's Historia Iudicum, Melissa Derig, Nick Canfield, Tim Johnson, and Nathan Philipps

iHSP Josua: Digital Intertextual Comparison, Joe Green

iHSP: The Importance of Apocrypha in Peter Comestora's Historia Scholastica, Mallory McGowen, Samantha Schwasinger, and Mark Irving

Investigating the Scale of Diet Selection for Sage-grouse: The Effects of Patch and Bite Sizes on Foraging, Jacqueline Pena

Investigations in Modern American Poetry, Kathryn Lale and Mindy Hubbard

Investigations of DNA Alterations Induced by Doxorubicin and Analogs, Hannah Kulm and Mikaela Pickering

Is It Safe To Vape?, Patrick Schwartz

Justifying Heidegger's Style, David McKerracher

Kifuliiru Language Structures, Randy Josleyn, Ahmad Alotaibi, Austin Briggs, Poppy Declues, Bailee Dunstan, Rae Felte, Cody Goin, Curtis Green-Eneix, Shanna McFall, Desirée Midby, Niki Miller, Ryan Personette, and Connor Stukenholtz

Language for Communicating Software Change, Austin Briggs

Language Use and Community on Social Media, Cody Goin

Machine Learning Feature Selection for Similar Data, Rob Huelsenbeck

Mapping Millipedes and Their Microscopic Milieu Elevates Excitement for Eccrinales Endobiont Extremes by Tracking Trichomycete Traits Across Scattered States, Sierra Hollar (Honors), Justin Gause, and Prasanna Kandel

Medical Benefits of Nitric Oxide Plasma, Thomas Garrett, Brad Grimm, Aaron Sheetz, and Orion Thomson-Vogel

Microwave Assisted Extraction of Glycoalkaloids from Idaho Potatoes and Potato Products, Jacob Smith


Millennials, Narcissism and Social Networking: The Mediating Role of Relationship Satisfaction, Chantal Martinez

Modification of Anthracyclines to Reduce Cardiotoxicity and Improve Potency Against Cancer Cell Lines, Ariel Petty, Jerrett Holdaway, and Pete Barnes

More Than Just a Football Town: Professional Sports and University Students Collaborating on Research-driven Revenue Enhancement, Tyler Ostler, Pamela Clayton, Samantha Holt, John Armstrong, Brian Boermeester, Franklin Fox, Dani Frans, Taylor Gregory, Jen Hake, Sarah Lahren, Melanie Parker, Andee Peña, Brianna Pitcock, Damon Pope, Alli Rogers, Holly Tomlinson, Rylie Walters, Kathryn Westlund, Cedrick Wilson, and Ryan Wolpin


More Than Just Puck Bunnies: Female Hockey Fans, Brianna Pitcock, Andee Pena, Alli Rogers, Cedrick Wilson, Ryan Wolpin, Jen Hake, Sarah Lahren, Melanie Parker, Holly Tomlinson, and Kathryn Westlund

Nitrogen Heterocycles and the Pre-RNA World, Melissa Roberts


Origins for Deep Marine Lava Flows Along the Western Flanks of the Galapagos Island Platform, Molly Anderson

Oxidative Degradation of Fingerprints, Meagan Vanberkum and Dalton Compton

Paddling Through a Not so Dry Creek for an Updated Species List of Trichomycetes at This Site Near Boise, Joel Hiatt and Michael McCormick

Pegmatite Production by Geochemical Fractionation of a Granodiorite Pluton, Danielle Terhaar (Honors)

Personal Fiction Corpus: Examining Voice in Young Writers, Connor Stukenholtz

Pipeline and Initial Photometry Results from Challis Astronomical Observatory, Jared Hand

Poetic Myths: American Nationalism and the War of 1812, Amber Shoopman


Potential of Dedicated Language Processing Units in Computer Voice Interaction, Justin Tolman

Preparation of Anticancer Analogs that Target Metastatic Breast Cancer, Tyler Soderling, Lauren Hosek, and Sarah Anderson

Promoting Professional Hockey to College Students, Franklin Fox, Dani Frans, Taylor Gregory, and John Armstrong

Proposed Refrigerant Alternatives at Boise State University, Jordan Lemons, Connor Grossman, Chelsy Melander, Jordan Lemons, and Sam Cooper

Puberty, Physical Activity Levels and Internalizing and Externalizing behaviors, Effect on Adolescent Body Image: Longitudinal Study., Maryanne Sigrist

Recommendation for Boise State's Future Storm Water Management, Athena Brown, Ed Graves, and Sarah Hurt

Recreational Shooting of Piute Ground Squirrels and the Potential for Lead Uptake by Scavengers, Walter Earl

RecycleMania, Jake Cordtz, Johnny Whittemore, Josh Walters, and Garrett Young


Relationships Between Masculinity, Externalizing Depression, and Suicidality in College Men, Bardha Vrapi and Alexander Blazek

Substrate and Inhibitor Specificities of a Mutant Form of Human Carbonyl Reductase, Billal Sultani

Synthesis of C6 and Unsubstituted Analogs of Azridinomitosene Chemotherapies, Jason Boehmer and Olivia Schwarz

Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Through Oxazolium Salt and Azomethine Ylide Cycloaddition, Seth Rourk


Tactile Aids for Teaching Statistics to the Visually Impaired, Donovan Kay, Anthony Reynolds, and Brian Stone

The Colorful Language Use of the One Direction Fandom, Shanna McFall

The Effectiveness of Physical Activity as a Coping Mechanism, Talegria Brown (McNair Scholar)

The Effects of Colloidal C60 Particle Size on Zeta Potential, Kiyo Fujimoto

The Effects of Early Home Environment, Holly Hirst

The Impact of the Parent-Child Relationship On Academic Self-Concept of Ability, Madison Kaestner

The Relationship Between Self-Love, Narcissism, and Gender, Jessi Davis and Azra Muranovic

There's an Identity Label for Me? Perceptions by First-Generation College Students of an Institutional Label, Curtis Green-Eneix

Tidal Decay and Disruption of Short-Period Gaseous Exoplanets, Emily Jensen

To Go or Not to Go: Graduate Study in Psychology, Talegria Brown

Ultraviolet Raman Spectroscopy of Lead Zirconate Titinate Nanotubes, Joseph Spinuzzi

Using Corpus Linguistics Analysis to Write Like an Executive, Molly Rae Felte

Using Spectroscopy to Distinguish Subspecies of Sagebrush for Habitat Assessment, Jessica Higley

Using the Chemical Signature of Dust to Understand Soil Development and Carbon Storage in Soils, Danielle Terhaar, Jen Pierce, Marion Lytle, and Shawn Benner

Variations in Soil pH Across Climatic Gradients the Reynolds Creek Watershed, Idaho, Jason McKinnon

Vehicle Idling Reduction at Treasure Valley Elementary Schools, Tyana Weaver, Chance Covillon, Trace Blackstone, and Renee Lynn Cronin

Writing Korean through Pen Pal Letters, Dahyun Yoo, Britany Boone, Sophie Eckert, Jake Jenkins, Vivian Le, Connor Lynott, Vida Mohammad, and Breanna Robbins

Zoo Boise White-Handed Gibbon's Activity as a Function of Age and Sex, Lauren Chaffey