Curiouser & Curiouser: A Study of Creative Expressive Writing and Perceived Writerly Self-Efficacy in the Writing Center

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Student Presentation

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Bruce Ballenger


Wendy Bishop (1995) argues that to help students overcome writing anxiety, peer writing tutors must appreciate “the creative aspects of writing apprehension." Tutor efficaciousness plays a significant role in the tutor/client dynamic. Extending Bishop’s scholarship, this study explores the ways techniques gained as a creative writing major, integrated with writing center praxis, may alleviate writing apprehension for the client, and consequently, increase perceived self-efficacy in the tutor. Methods included case study, documenting the impact of low-stakes creative expressive writing individualized for each participant, and the use of post-session critical reflection. In addition to the preliminary results of this study, I will share specific prompts which produced the most impact.

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