Mini Play in Mandarin Chinese by the Chinese 202 Class

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Student Presentation

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Sharon Wei


The Chinese 202 class will be performing a short skit at the 2015 Undergraduate Research Conference. The skit will consist of a comedy story that takes place in a BSU Chinese language class. In this story, four students want to attend President Obama’s speech. However, the President’s speech will conflict with the scheduled time of the class. The play focuses on the cultural differences between American and Chinese students. The skit represents an interactive project that offers students in the Chinese 202 class an opportunity to improve their speaking and listening skills as well as help in mastering common phrases used in the Chinese language. The skit will be performed by Lindsey Bays, Alexander Floate, Lauren Williams, Seoyeon Lee, and Phonesack Taengphachanh. Lindsey, Lauren, Seoyeon, and Phonesack will be acting as students and Alexander will play the professor.

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