Hash Functions Based on Data Encryption Standard (DES)

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Student Presentation

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Marion Scheepers


Secure cryptosystems and hash functions are fundamental to continued personal and economic success in the emerging Digital Information Age. Accelerating technological innovation continues to increase the challenge of assuring the integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality of user data and intellectual property. The SmartDongle flash drive by MicroWorks is meant to secure data and assure authorized use of software. The implementation of these functions of the SmartDongle is based on a cryptographic authentication protocol between the device and an authorized computer. This authentication protocol is a direct target of modern cyber attacks. In this project we investigate the security profile of a proposed cryptographic technique to cure a demonstrated vulnerability in the current implementation of the SmartDongle’s authentication protocol. Our methods are based on comprehensive analyses of the algebraic structure of mini prototypes of the Data Encryption Standard (DES), and extensive computational experimentation. Our analysis produced a wide range of conjectures, including the conjecture that the proposed cryptographic cure can make the SmartDongle smarter.

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