Linguistic Navigation of First Generation College Students

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Student Presentation

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Gail Shuck


Mark Orbe has pointed out in his article “Theorizing Multidimensional Identity Negotiation: Reflections on the Lived Experiences of First-Generation College Students” that there have been few qualitative studies of First Generation College Students (FGCS) and their experiences. This study aims to add to the qualitative collection and specifically try to explain (1) how FGCS think about their identity in a college environment, (2) how they have or have not experienced any kind of conflict in their identity while pursuing a degree, and (3) how do they talk about their experiences as FGCS. I’ll interview a sample of FGCS and examine their responses and patterns applying Orbe’s framework of Multidimensional Identity. I expect to find out how participants linguistically navigate through these experiences. In doing this my research seeks to help expand professors, and programs specifically for FGCS, knowledge about these students in order to better address the needs of these students, and help the students stay in college.

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