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Bruce Ballenger


In what ways can expressive and poetic discourse impact writerly self-efficacy during a writing center consultation? The focus of this study is on assessing the internal construct of writerly self-efficacy—to understand the connections between poetic (specifically, creative writing) /expressive writing techniques, encouraged during in-person writing consultations, and the student writer’s perceived competence development as an academic writer. Provocative revision activities inspired by creative writing technique will be specific to High-Order concerns (i.e. Limiting, Adding, Switching, and Transferring). Critical reflection will also be encouraged during each peer in-person writing consultation. A mixed-methodologies approach will be used to garner a comprehensive look at whether including expressive/poetic writing during the session aids in developing the student’s perceived writerly self-efficacy. Data collection will include a measurement scale inspired by the Post-Secondary Writerly Self-Efficacy Scale (PSWSES) that will be tailored to measure the effectiveness of poetic/expressive discourse during the writing center consultations conducted during Summer Intersession 2014. Comparative analysis will also be made against client satisfaction assessments of consultations facilitated by the Boise State Writing Center.