Characterization and Comparison of the Infrasonic Signals of Santiaguito and Fuego Volcanoes in Guatemala

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Student Presentation

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Jeffery Johnson


Using infrasound data collected from Santiaguito and Fuego volcanoes, in the western highlands of Guatemala, I am developing a reliable method for detecting vulcanian eruptions. Infrasound data were collected with dual, multi-component infrasonic microphone arrays. I analyze spectral content of the collected infrasonic signals to identify the frequency band where nearly all of the volcanic signal is present. Application of this frequency band facilitates the picking of onset times of vulcanian eruptions by reducing non-volcanic noise. Onset times were verified with time synced video. I calculate the origin time and propagation direction of picks through the analysis of their phase arrivals. The propagation direction and speed are used as a criterion to differentiate eruptions from non-volcanic signals. From the verified vulcanian eruptions picks I determine a threshold amplitude as an additional criterion for detection. In the future these standards will be used to calibrate a system that will identify vulcanian eruptions in real time.

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