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Kasper van Wijk


The Neal Hot Springs Project, currently under construction, will produce 23 MW of geothermal electric power once online. The project is located near Vale, Oregon (approx. 90 miles northwest of Boise) and consists of about 9.6 square miles of land, which is leased by U.S. Geothermal Inc. During construction the Geosciences department at Boise State University set up a network of 11 passive seismic stations in the area to monitor seismic activity. The goal is to obtain a large collection of seismic data during construction and testing, and to continue seismic monitoring during production. The data will be used to determine natural seismic activity, if any, in the area, seismic activity directly related to testing and production, and to determine the effects of fluid flow in the subsurface. These data sets may also be useful in targeting future geothermal reservoirs within the project area.