College of Arts and Sciences Poster Presentations

College of Arts and Sciences Poster Presentations



Submissions from 2012

Assessing the Role of Plant Root Architecture on Soil Carbon Stabilization, Jaron Adkins and Marie-Anne de Graaff

U-Pb Geochronology in the John Day Formation, Oregon, Julia Barge, Mark Schmitz, and Elizabeth Lovelock

A Convergent Synthetic Method to Produce Aziridinomitosenes for DNA Interstrand Cross-Linking Studies, Pete L. Barnes

Branched PEG Polymer Chain Attachment to Human Interferon β-1a: An Effect on Pharmacokinetic Properties of a Therapeutic Protein, Sam Battey, Greg Maloney, Rance Shaw, Ashley Magin, Nikolai Smolin, and Danny Xu

Oncostatin M and Mechanotransduction in Bone Cells, Nicholas Baughman, Travis Baker, and Kellen Mather


Stratigraphy, Geochronology and Detrital Zircon Provenance of Two Silicic Ash Layers at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Idaho, Susan K. Birnbaum and Brock Lipple

Medicinal Alkaloids from the Mountains of Idaho, Jessica Brookhouse

Interfacial Force Microscopy of Humidity Dependent Solvation Forces of Water Between Bare and Fluorcarbon-Coated Silica Surfaces, Kevin Brown, Brittany Nall, and Byung Kim

"Innocent?": Examining Constructed Racial Pride Through Beauty in Danzy Senna's Caucasia and Carolivia Herron's Nappy Hair, Monica Brown

Optically Transparent Cell Design for Spectroelectrochemisty, Brittany Carr and Layne Woodruff

Discovering Novel Anti-Baterial/Anti-Parasite/Anti-Cancer/Carbonyl Reductase Cardiotoxicity Therapeutics Through Large-Scale Computer Aided Drug Screening, Matthew Caylor, Daniela Olivas, Kate Jette, Andy Coombs, Ashley Magin, Kenneth Cornell, Henry A. Charlier, Cheryl L. Jorcyk, Rajesh Nagarajan, and Dong Xu

Origin of Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in ZnO Nanoparticles, Jordan J. Chess, Dmitri A. Tenne, Aaron Thurber, and Alex Punnoose

Amicable Pairs for Elliptic Curves, Suzanne Craig

Stable Isotope Fractionation in Grasshopper Assemblages Along an Elevation Gradient, Joey Dean

Investigating the Impact of Restricted Irrigation Practices on Soil Moisture Variability and Distribution in a Dry Farmed Vineyard Site, Boise, Idaho, Jenna Duffin

Parathyroid Hormone Related Protein (PTHrP) Regulates Estrogen Receptor Expression, Hannah Dyar, Kelsey Bruch, and Minoti Hiremath

Imagine: An Argument for Harnessing the Boundless Imagination of Youth and Re-Incorporating Creative Thinking, the Arts, and a Healthy Disregard for Convention Back into the American Classroom, Nathaniel Eggleston

Forward Raman Scattering in ZnO: Observation of Phonon Polaritons, Trevor Engman and Andrew Farrar

Raman Spectroscopy of Barium Titanate Nanocrystals, Andrew Farrar and Trevor Engman

Ground Penetrating Radar as a Method for Investigating Heterogeneity in Lake Stratigraphy, Kara J. Ferguson, Jennifer L. Pierce, John Bradford, Bruce Finney, and Mark Shapely

Local Efforts to Expand the World’s Largest Trichomycete Collection, Justin W. Gause, Emma Wilson, Nicole Reynolds, Luke Sugden, Alison Chamberlin, and Merlin White

Using Spectral Fingerprints to Map Food-Scapes for Herbivores, Kristina Gehlken, Jennifer Forbey, Amy Ulappa, Graham Frye, N. Glenn, Pete Olsoy, J. Connelly, J. Rachlow, and L. Shipley


See No, Smell No, Taste No Evil: How Sage-Grouse Detect Toxic Sagebrush, K. Gehlken, B. Robb, S. Agafonov, and J. Forbey

El Desprendimiento Parental Durante la Niñez a Causa de la Persecución Militar en la Guerra Sucia: Punto de Vista Infantil en el Film Kamchatka, Maritza L. Gómez


Out with the Old and in with the New: A Comparison Between Molecular and Traditional Techniques to Identify Parasitized Birds, Christian Guerrero

Phonology of Japanese Palatals, Andrew Hayes

Climate Change in the Intermountain West, Jamie Hicks, Matthew Germino, and Marie-Anne de Graaff

Synthesis of a C7-Ethyl Aziridinomitosene for DNA Inter-Strand Cross-Linking Mechanistic Studies, Carrie Hill

Survival of Native Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Inoculum Following Transplanting of Wyoming Big Sagebrush, Russell Holten and Eric Roberts

Characterization of a Photoswitchable Spiropyran Surface in Water by Atomic Force Microscopy and Interfacial Force Microscopy, Lynn Ann Hoppert and Byung Kim

Sharp Transition of End-Grafted PNIPAM Studied by Interfacial Force Microscopy, Lynn Ann Hoppert, Oh Sang Kweon, Peter J. Olsoy, and Byung I. Kim

Translating the "Historia Ruth": Boise State University's 15th Century Incunabulum of Peter Comestor's Historia Scholastica, Steven Humiston, Michael Arbogast, and Shawn Ragan


Quantifying Pedogenic Carbon Content Within the Boise River Terraces Using Pressurized Calcimetry, Dawn Jarrels, Annika Quick, and Jennifer L. Pierce

Prevalence of Avian Malaria in American Kestrels Throughout the Breeding Season, Michelle Jeffries

Using Selected Gene Regions to Find Rapidly Evolving DNA Sequences of Closely Related Species of the Genus Columnea, Shandra Jeffries

The Effects of Specific Root Length on Soil Decomposition Processes and Carbon Respiration, Aislinn Johns and Ian Duvall

Chain-Like Structure of Water in the Nanoscopic Scale, Jason Kim, Brittany Nall, and Byung I. Kim

Effects of Varying Coverage on Chiral Recognition of PVBA on Pd(111), Alex Kraal and Byung Kim

Antioxidant Properties of Sagebrush: Could the "Weed" of North America Contain the Cure for Cancer?, Lisa W. Lam, Jennifer S. Forbey, and Shin Pu


Synthesis and DNA Functionalization of CdSe/CdS (Core/Shell) Quantum Dots, Braden Lawrence

Songs of the Sea: An Intimate Look at the Birth of Capitalism Through Eighteenth Century Song, Adam Lee

Finding More Efficient Ways to Treat Cancer Patients, Daniel Lundergreen

Latest Developments in the Slinky Seismometer Education Program, Helena Mallonee

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Human Interferon β-1a PEGylated by Linear Polyethylene Glycol Polymers, Greg Maloney, Sam Battey, Rance Shaw, Ashley Magin, Nikolai Smolin, and Danny Xu

Zirconium Partitioning in Mafic Rocks as a Tool for Interpreting Zircon Geochronology, Christopher Markley

Identifying X-Ray Sources in Local Cluster Galaxies Using Fourier Analysis of Time Series Data, Nathan J. McGregor

Synthesis and DNA-Functionalization of Silver/Gold (Core/Shell) Nanoparticles, Chris Menter

Comparison of Reach-Scale Morphologic Adjustment in Confined and Unconfined Alluvial Mountain Rivers, Western Washington, Paul D. Micheletty, Jaime Goode, Jennifer L. Pierce, and John M. Buffington

Optical Fiberglass Tip for Cantilever Based Optical Interfacial Force Microscopy in Liquid, Brittany Nall, Thanh Tran, Steven Rossland, Matt Gregg, and Byung I. Kim

Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships in Drosophila Using Ciliate Operations, Anna Nelson, Jacob Herlin, and Marion Scheepers

Species Radiation in the Genus Columnea Endemic to Jamaica, Maggie Ooi

Assessing Metabolic Stability of Natural Products by Liver Enzymes in Rats and Mice, Patrick Osterkamp

Stable Isotope Investigation of Vertebrates From Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Alma Palacios

Influence of Solvent on the Chiral Resolution of Organic Molecules on Au(111): EC-STM Study of Biphenyl Dicarboxylic Acid on Au(111) in Aqueous Environment, Jonathan Pedersen, Lauren Reeder, Joey Hanson, Matthew Turner, and Byung I. Kim

Estimates of Snow Accumulation Rates Over the Greenland Ice Sheet Using Airborne Radar, Andrew Peterson

Linguistic Features of Maay Maay, Sarah Plane, Luke Avichouser, Micha Böttiger, Josh Casten, Candace Coleman, Jesica Dock, Kevin Evans, Benjamin Harris, Andrew Hayes, Justine Knudson, Erik Montgomery, Stefanie Rekow, Erika Shirk, Nicholas Toomey, Christa VanDeVliert, Whitney Weems, Zachary Wegrzyniak, and Deanna Weigel

Synthetic Efforts Toward the Complete Synthesis of a C6 Alkyl Substituted Aziridinomitosene, Ryan Reeves

Construction of IsdA – Heat-Labile Toxin and Shiga Toxin A2/B Chimeras for Use as Potential Mucosal Staphylococcus aureus Vaccines, Melissa Reid and Juliette K. Tinker

Responses of Biological Soil Crusts to the Presence of Cheatgrass Litter, Eric Roberts, Russell Holten, and Ryan LaJoie

Sensing Multivalent Ions with Lysenin Channels, Clint Robertson

Snow Melt Dynamics, Jake Robertson

La muerte como proceso natural en los cuentos de Horacio Quiroga, Berenice Salinas

The Role of C6 and C7 in DNA-Protein Crosslink Formation in Aziridinomitosene Treatments, Megan Sandmann


Monitoring a Passive Seismic Network at Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Plant, Daniel Shaltry and Kasper van Wijk

Synthesis and Characterization of Inorganic Compounds Relevant to Heterocumulene Activation by Carbonic Anhydrase, Ian Shaw

A Solution for Microfluidics: Contact-Free Magnetic Shape Memory Micropump, Aaron Smith, Laura Wendell, Kari Ullakko, Peter Müllner, and Greg K. Hampikian

Stable Isotope Hydrometeorology of a Semi-Arid Catchment, Kimberly Smith

Finding Crystallization Pressures and Temperatures for Plutons, Logan Solotky and Mark Schmitz

La flor de mi flamenco: Almodóvar brinda por el baile 'nacional', Bethann Stewart

Organic Synthesis of Aziridinomitosenes for Investigation of the Role of C6 and C7 in Halting Cell Replication, Jennifer K. Tanimoto

Electrochemical Oxidation of Americium for Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing, Nic Uhnak

Soy quien soy, pero eres quien diga que eres: La representación de identidades elegidas e impuestas en la filmografía de Pedro Almodóvar, Clint Vickery

Origin and Diversification of Peperomia (Piperaceae) in Madagascar, Katherine Vilord

Argument Mapping Internship, Brandon Walker

Loading Rate Independence of Single Molecular Unbinding Forces at a Higher Force Regime Studied by AFM, Jonathan Walsh, Hyonjee Joo, Jennifer Rice, Joseph Holmes, Byung I. Kim, and Kenneth A. Cornell

A Single Molecular AFM-FET Biosensor Using Nanomanipulation, Jonathan Walsh, Moon Ryu, Joe Holmes, and Byung I. Kim

DockoMatic: A Resource for Computational Biology or Chemistry Courses, Kenny Weekes and Reed Jacob

A Comparative Study of Germanic Morphological Erosion, Deanna Weigel

Luby-Rackoff Variants Over Finite Groups, Kameryn Williams

Modeling the Stability of the Bi-Layer Cu2N on the Cu(100) Surface, Izaak Williamson

Separation of Topographic Features from Magnetic Images Using Capacitive Coupling Effect: Computational Approach, Ryan Wood