The Water's Fine: A Critical Look at the Quality of Idaho’s Drinking and Ground Water

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Dr. Scott Lowe and Dr. John Gardner


In Idaho, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) allocated $53.7 million in funds to be invested in the state’s “infrastructure, meeting drinking water and waste water facility and nonpoint source needs (The Idaho Department of Water Quality).” This poster provides a critical look at the quality of Idaho’s drinking and ground water. Specifically, the report addresses the toxins and contaminants that have been reported, monitored and/or have been a concern in Idaho’s water supply. In addition, this poster analyzes how the ARRA funds are being utilized as a means of environmental assessment to reduce the levels of contaminants in Idaho’s water systems. This poster depicts other issues surrounding Idaho’s ground and drinking water, including the adherence to environmental guidelines; the impact of revolving funding; and the implementation of surface and ground water regulations that must be followed to ensure safe drinking water as a means for public safety.

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