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Dr. Owen McDougal


A model biphasic system was studied using acetone on 1-octanol and water. The partition coefficient was found using z-axis single pulse slice-selective spatially resolved excitation (SPS3RE) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. This SPS3RE NMR experiment allows for the collection of a one-dimensional look at 1H spectra at defined spatial intervals along the z-axis, providing analyte quantitation through the entire sample. With this in mind, the concentration of acetone was characterized as a function of spatial location from the two-phase interface leading to the determination of partition coefficients by signal integration. This system was then expanded to analyze the hydrolysis of parathion in a biphasic system of parathion and deuterated sodium hydroxide with varying amounts of tert-butylammonium chloride. From this, the utility of a simplified, slice-selective pulse for analyzing heterogeneous samples is observed.