Submissions from 2010


Analyzing Collagen Alpha 1(XI) Using a Zebrafish Model System, Dawn Mikelonis, Ming Fang, and Raquel Brown

A Statistical Analysis of Average Temperatures in July and December in Boise, Idaho, Kathryn Warner

Bioinformatics, Homology Modeling and Parkinson’s Disease, Chris Mallory

Blood Parasite Prevalence and Intensity in Migrating and Non-migrating Raptors, Michelle Laskowski and John O’Keeffe

Boise State University Landscape Applications Towards Energy Conservation, Dakota Lynch, Camille Kirkpatrick, and Ajara Dias

Borrelia Nucleosidases as Targets for Spirochete Specific Antibiotics, Meghan Fonken


Cell Adherence and Its Effect on Collagen Expression in Immortalized Rat Chondrocytes (IRC) in Culture, Neda Shefa, Raquel Brown, and Prarthana Kashikar

Characterization of Salmonella Typhimurium AB5 Enterotoxin, Bradley Morris

Characterization of the Unfolded Protein Response in Chondrocytes, Benjamin Davis, Linda Mercer, and Raquel Brown

Chiral Recognition of 4, 4’ Biphenyl-Dicarboxylic Acid on Pd(111) and Au(111) Studied by Electrochemical-Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Joey Hanson

Cloning and Expression of the Envelop Protein from West Nile Virus for Oral Vaccine Development., James Minick and Brittney Keber

Compensation for Col11a1 Deficiency by Other Minor Collagens, Jonathon Reeck, Prarthana Kashikar, and Linda Mercer


Connections Between Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation and Induction of Carbonyl Reductase Expression, Eva Amouzougan and Carrie Klocke

'Copious Floods of Eloquence': Melville's Reading of Dante's Divine Comedy", Eric Austin, Nathan Spann, Scott Clark, and Joshua Preminger

Dendrochronological Reconstruction of Climate and Fire in a Ponderosa Pine Forest Near the Bogus Basin Area, Boise Front, Idaho, Christiane Campbell

Determination of Sulfated Glycosaminoglycan Binding Sites Within Collagen Type XI Using Surface Plasmon Resonance and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Luke Woodbury and Kendra Coonse

Development of a Cantilever Based Optical Interfacial Force Microscope for Biological Studies in an Aqueous Environment, Edward Kim

Development of a High-Speed Atomic Force Microscope Combined with a High-resolution Optical Microscope for Biological Studies, Ryan Boehm

Development of a Recombinant Protein Expression System for the Production of Human Carbonyl Reductase, Eric Baggs

Development of a Streamlined Synthesis of Aziridinomitosine Analogs, Cliff Csizmar

Development of Zn(II) Hydroxide Complexes Containing N2S Donor Atom Sets: Molecular Motifs of the Active Site of Peptide Deformylase, Nicholas Spiropulos

Examination of the Energy Usage by Computers and Associated Peripherals on the BSU Campus, Diana Lynn Bartlett

Expression and Purification of West Nile Virus prM Candidate Antigen, Reece Knippel

Feasibility Study: Vermicomposting at Boise State University, Samantha Hobdey, Scott Sievers, and Chris Robison


First Documentation of the European Gut Fungus, Ephemerellomyces, and Other Insect Associated Endosymbionts in the Dry Creek Drainage, Boise, Idaho, Prasanna Kandel, Daleesa Cole, Emma Wilson, Donavon Carrie, Eric Tretter, Yan Wang, and Lance Steele

Investigation of Putative Metal Binding by Npp-domain of Collagen XI, Christopher Hondros and Luke Woodbury


Japanese Sequential Voicing - Rendaku, Zachary Espil


Linguistic Features of Uzbek, Emily Walton, Larina Lynne, Monica Nesbitt, Tyler Casperson, Michael Christensen, Anna Cox, Janelle Derie, Zachary Espil, Claire Ivins, Erin Lind, and Anneliese Satz

Night Class Redistribution to Reduce Energy Consumption at Boise State University, Billie Laughtland

Optical Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Doped ZnO Nanoparticles., Trevor Engman, Josh Angel, Aaron Thurber, Lydia Johnson, and Alex Punnoose

Past and Future Climate Change: Heat Stress Impacts on Southern Idaho Dairy Milk Production, Matthew Wiggs

Pentapeptide and Beta-lactam Activity Against Recombinant PBP2a from Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus., Clayton Fehringer and Eric Ponce

Pentapeptide Synthesis, Cleavage, and Purification, Scotia Gonzales


Pitch Differences in Bilingual Speakers, Anna Cox

pKa Determination of Alpha Conotoxin MII and Analogs, Andrew Narver


Population Dynamics of Ten Avian Species Breeding at Lucky Peak, Boise Foothills, Idaho, Heidi Ware


Preparation and Characterization of Water-Soluble Semiconductor Quantum Dots (QDs) for Bioconjugation, Jennilee Claassen, Tabitha Ellis, and Nicholas Richie

Preparation and Optical Characterization of Plasmonic and Dielectric Nanoparticle Films, Mike Davis

Purification of Novel Shiga Toxin Based Vaccine Adjuvants, Herbert Pollard IV

Quantitative Colorimetric Detection of DNA Using Oligonucleotide-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles, Nathan Robinson; Elton Graugnard; William L. Hughes; William B. Knowlton; and Bernard Yurke,

Radiometric Dating of the Danskin Hills Rhyolites in Order to Constrain Geologic Activity Throughout the Western Snake River Plain, Austin Hopkins


Recycled Robots/Sculpture Assemblage, Jacqueline Nelson

Role of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein (MCP)-1 During Priming Phase of Liver Regeneration, Shawna DIngillo and Cheri Lamb

Room Temperature Ferromagnetism Effects of Transition Metal (M=Ni or Co) Co-doping with Y in Ce1-x-yMxYyO2 Nanoparticles, Boone Beausoleil and Aaron Thurber

Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles with Tunable Surface Charge, Michael Jones, Aaron Thurber, and Dr. Jianhui Zhang

The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Forms a Complex with Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-2 as a Function of Cell Cycle, Lauren Troy and Cheri Lamb

The Development of an Ion Mobility Sensor, Nic Uhnak

The Effects of Inducible OSM on Metastasis in Breast Cancer, Dollie Thompson, Hunter Covert, Joe Deaver, and Jeff Walker


The Phonology of Hiligaynon, Tyler Casperson


The Uncoiling of Supercoiled Plasmid DNA Over Time Observed by Atomic Force Microscopy, Reilly Clark, Tyler Clark, and Byung I. Kim

The Water's Fine: A Critical Look at the Quality of Idaho’s Drinking and Ground Water, Lori Gibbs

Understanding the Small Molecule Recognition by Carbonyl Reductase, Autumn White


Using NMR Techniques to Find Partition Coefficients Across Biphasic Systems, Emily Drussel, Bryan Martin, David Luker, Michael Hill, Gerry Chingas, and Owen McDougal