Archaeological Test Excavations at the North Fork Overhang (35-ML-1325), Owyhee River, Southeastern Oregon

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This paper reports on test excavations at the North Fork Rockshelter (35-ML-1325) located along the North Fork of the Owyhee River in southeastern Oregon (Figure 1). The site was recorded during a cultural resources inventory of the North Fork of the Owyhee River Canyon, its major tributary canyons, and portions of the canyon rim during 2004 (Plew, Jacobs and Willson 2005). Site 35-ML-1325 was the only rockshelter containing cultural deposits found in the canyon. Though some evidence of vandalism was noted, much of the site upon our initial visit appeared to be relatively intact. To assess the nature and extent of damage and the potential for more extensive mitigation, test excavations were conducted in July 2005 by Boise State University under a cost-share agreement with the Vale District Bureau of Land Management.

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