Fossil Arctodus from the Doeden Local Fauna (Illinoian/Sangamonian?), Eastern Montana

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The Doeden gravel pit near Miles City, Montana, has yielded an extensive fauna of large vertebrates including ground sloths Megalonyx jefferesonii and Glossotherium (Paramlydon) harlani mammoth (Mammuthus Columbi), mastadon (Mammut americanum), several ungulates (Equus ssp., Camelops sp., Bootherium sp., a cervid, and an antilocaprid), and a single specimen of the giant short-faced bear, Arctodus (Hill 1998, 2001; Hill and Schweitzer 1999; Wilson, in Kurtén and Anderson 1980:71; Wilson and Hill 2011). Material collected from the pit between 1976 and 1984 is in the collections of the Museum of the Rockies (MOR) and is the subject of continuing studies. Given the scarcity of Arctodus finds, the present note is addressed to describing this important specimen (MOR PL-084:B0007).

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