Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, and Geochronology Within the Lower Yellowstone Basin, Montana

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Stratigraphic sequences and geomorphic features provide a record of the middle and late Pleistocene in the lower Yellowstone drainage of eastern Montana. Upland settings contain eolian deposits and paleosols, some associated with Rancholabrean fauna (Hill 2011: Hill and Davis 1998). Within the Yellowstone Valley are several distinct terraces composed principally of fluvial sands and gravels (Hill 2001). These fluvial deposits occasionally contain vertebra remains (Hill 2001). Besides alluvium, stratigraphic sequences in the Yellowstone Valley and its tributaries contain tephra and secondary carbonates. Uranium-series, K-Ar, and radiocarbon dating of materials within the stratigraphic sequences assist in evaluating middle- and late Pleistocene landscape dynamics in this region of the Northern Plains.

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