Archaeological Test Excavations at the Medbury Site (10-EL-1367), Southwest Idaho

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The Medbury site (10-EL-367) is located approximately one and one-half miles southeast of the town of Hammett, Idaho and to the northeast of the old Medbury Ferry Crossing (Figure 1). The site was originally brought to the attention of the senior author by Elton Bentley and Dorian Dufin, the land owner, and was first visited in July 1995 by Boise State University to assess its potential as a possible field site for the summer Archaeological Field School. The site, which has been known for a number of years to local collectors, was at the time of Boise State's initial visit impacted by several years of plowing and cultivation of alfalfa and by extensive rodent activity. In October 1995, students from Boise State University excavated five 1 x 2 meter test units to a depth of one meter below the surface. The purpose of the excavation was to assess the stratigraphic context of the site and establish the range of materials present and the probable age of the deposit.

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