A Clovis Point from the Big Springs Creek Area, Owyhee County, Idaho

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In the mid-1970s a Clovis point was collected from the surface of an archaeological site along a small creek east of Big Springs Creek in southcentral Owyhee County by Mr. Wayne Welch (see Figure 1). The Big Springs Creek area is within the southcentral portion of the Owyhee Uplands which is characterized by a sagebrush-juniper steppe and crosscut by numerous small streams at elevations between 5500 and 5700 feet. The point is reported to have been collected near an archaeological site characterized by rather extensive tools and debris. If the artifact was collected from a site with extensive cultural remains the find is especially notable as most other Clovis discoveries in southwest Idaho have been isolated surface finds. Archaeological sites have been described in the Big Springs area (see Plew 1980) but dale primarily within the Late Archaic period. While Clovis points have been found in southwestern Idaho they are rare finds and have not been previously reported from the central Owyhee Uplands.

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