A Summary of Archaeological Test Excavations at 10-CN-1, Southwestern Idaho

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Archaeological excavations at 10-CN-1 conducted by the 1996 Boise State University Archaeological Field School were facilitated through a cooperative agreement between the Boise State University Department of Anthropology and the Boise District Office of the Bureau of Land Management. The cooperative program is centered on the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, within which BLM is responsible for the stewardship of all cultural resources. It is designed to enhance our understanding of the rich cultural resources located within the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area and to provide assistance to the BLM in the management of these resources. The cooperative program also provides training, practical experience and research opportunities to BSU students and faculty. The program was initiated in 1993 and encompasses previous as well as concurrent research efforts similarly aimed at improving the understanding and management of the archaeological properties within the area.

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